A Good Summer for Hangings

Posted on Aug 3, 2014 in Design
A Good Summer for Hangings

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to hang my work around the city this summer. I started the summer by hanging throughout Meadowlarks with much thanks to Martha Mendelsohn Chef Wiley. I also met Mike Elsass, nationally known abstract artist and a new mentor of sorts for allowing me to hang my work alongside his at the Front Street Gallery, Color of Energy and Rhoads Gallery over the past several months where I met many new people in the art world. I also have a single piece that hangs in downtown Dayton in the DVAC gallery where Eva Buttacavoli introduced me to this years member show judge Lista Spanos from Cincinnati’s Art Design Consultants and was rewarded with some complimentary words and advice which is always appreciated from where I stand. And just a few days ago, with the help of Kristin Gopman and Ginny Strausberg, I and three other artists; Gary Hinsche, Abby Rose Maurer and Darren Haper were able to hang a few pieces inside the Centerville Police Department Gallery. Also, with Ginny’s insite and guidance, I was able to donate a piece of art to be auctioned at this year’s Gala of Hope, a foundation that supports cancer research in the region.With this many places to hang, it does give a new artist perspective on building and maintaining a suitable inventory of quality work. So, it has been a good summer for learning more about art galleries, more about my art and most importantly more about other people who love art. If you have not seen my art over the summer, I hope you take the time to see someone’s art, art will always be important to the world. As people, we have a need to create. It’s part of the human condition. People get closer to reaching their full potential when they express themselves. It makes the world a better place.

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