3″ x 3″ Paper, Glue on Masonite

Why do we almost instinctively treat babies as special, protecting them and enabling them to survive? Darwin originally pointed out that there is something about infants which prompts adults to respond to and care for them which allows our species to survive. Nobel-Prize-winning zoologist Konrad Lorenz proposed that it is the specific structure of the infant face, including a relatively large head and forehead, large and low lying eyes and bulging cheek region, that serves to elicit these parental responses. But the biological basis for this has remained elusive.

This piece was a commission for an area obgyn doctor who wanted to add some personal pictures of some of the babies she had delivered. It hangs in her waiting room reminding mothers and expectant mothers how joyful a small baby can be and the smiles and warmth each individual infant can bring to them.