A tribute to one of the great Formula One drivers, Ayrton Senna during his driving peak. Many of the compiled images are from his McLaren Honda days.
1988 saw him partnering World Champion driver Alain Prost. In 1987 John Watson, a former McLaren team driver, asked Senna how he would approach Prost. His answer: I will make sure I am fitter than him. I will be more motivated and I will make sure that I can drive faster, more consistently and for longer. I will beat him! He was as good as his word for this was the year that brought Ayrton Senna thirteen pole positions, eight GP wins and his first World Championship title.This particular piece begins to show a more fragmented approach to the technique and because the central image is more complex, it was challenging to design the overall composition. This period, 1984 – 1993, was a pinnacle of time that saw Ayrton Senna and McLaren become the dominant F1 team. Yeah, faster than a bullet, mate.