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3′ x 3′ Glue, Paper and Masonite

The cover became an important part of the culture of music at the time. Under the influence of designers like Bob Cato who at various stages in his long music career was vice president of creative services at both Columbia Records and United Artists, album covers became renowned for being a marketing tool and an expression of artistic intent. The Band’s 1970 release Stage Fright with Norman Seeff’s photograph as a poster insert is an early example with the poster quickly becoming a collector’s item. Artists specialized or gained fame through their work, notably the design team Hipgnosis (through their work on Pink Floydalbums, amongst others) and Roger Dean famous for his Yes and Greenslade covers.

This piece depicts many of those great cover images that filled bins and crates around the stereo and turntable, the argument of the best and worst will continue on through time, but this is a great trip through the wayback machine.  Enjoy the ride.